Bonuses over the years have been part of every game in the casino. The purpose of the bonus is simple; attract new players to the casino and keep the players interested in the game and also to return for more play. There are many types of bonuses and we will mention the most common.The welcome bonus is the first one a new player receives. It is supposed to be a warm welcome. The player is given some percentage depending on their deposit. This encourages the player to practice at a game or to play.The no-deposit bonus is also attractive for new players. The player receives a bonus without even placing a deposit. This also enables them to practice and have a taste of what it is like to be playing for real money. The match bonus is also very common. The casino may offer the exact amount of the deposit the player has placed, which doubles the amount they have in the casino. This will encourage the player to play more.Other types of bonuses include the loyalty bonus, the referral bonus, and in-game bonus; all which serve the purpose of increasing the activity in the casino.