There are quite a few promotional bonuses that casinos offer and they are all intended to give the players more money in one form or another. The problem is that since there are so many casinos out there, keeping track of all the bonuses on offer so you can compare them is an almost impossible task.

Types of Bonuses

It doesn’t take much to imagine that for such a vast industry there would be so many bonus types, but the truth is that most of them can be broken down into a few basic categories. For updates on the best bonuses from around the web, review sites are a great place to check, as they comb the Internet looking for the latest bonuses from the most popular online casinos.

Free Spins & the Match Bonus

Free Spins are the most popular form of incentive given to players. Many of the top casinos give them out and very big winnings can come from Free Spins. The Match Bonus is very much what it sounds like. Casinos will match deposits that are made when accounts are first created to increase the amount of time players can enjoy their first experiences with their games. Casinos place limits on how much can be matched, but they can soar up to the 300 euro mark in some cases.

Loyalty Bonus

The Loyalty Bonus comes in the form of extra spins or matched deposit refills. While some casinos will match deposits of up to about 150 euros, others go much higher. This helps players get more out of their first week or two of playing, which creates longer term relationships with customers. Bonuses are sometimes the most advantageous aspect of the online gaming world, and players have won huge sums of money through casino bonuses.